About Us

About Heather and Fred Studios

At Heather and Fred Studios, we concept, design and build fine artistic furniture in a contemporary and functional style. Our fine craftsmanship and attention to detail set our unique pieces apart from the mass-produced world of today’s furniture. Our pieces are built one at a time, in the studio and are built to last.

Our Green Passion

We specialize in working with solid hardwoods, plywood and natural wood veneers. Every step is executed as “green” as possible; utilizing woods from sustainably harvested forests, low or formaldehyde free glues, and water based finishes.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather and Fred Studios on a number of projects in the past, both as customers and as a vendor. We’re impressed with their attention to detail, creativity, and woodworking expertise. We don’t hand out recommendations to just anyone, and we would gladly refer Heather and Fred Studios.
Porter Barn Wood LLC,


Working with H&F

You can choose from one of our original designs, or we would be happy to collaborate with you on your custom project to create a piece specifically for your space or home. We can work together to design a piece that will compliment your lifestyle and enhance your environment, or we can also customize pieces you see in our portfolio and website, using different dimensions and materials.

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