CNC Services

Heather and Fred Studios offer Phoenix CNC Services with the ability to manipulate solid wood, sheet goods, composites, plastics, and sign materials. Our experience and equipment allow us to take care of your projects ranging from one-off sign needs to production parts numbering in the thousands.

CNC machining is ideal for detailed projects that are designed and carried out with the utmost precision. CNC makes it easy to replicate the program to manufacture many pieces or assign details to a specific sign or piece. To learn more about CNC services and our abilities, please contact us.

Fred has worked with me on many, complicated CNC Router projects. He’s very creative, knowledgeable, skilled & great to work with. I would unconditionally recommend him.
Loyd P., Customer,

What is CNC?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. By using this method, we are able to craft intricate designs and customizable creations through computer programs which control the machine in order to etch, cut, carve and make the design on a variety of materials.

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