We can work with you at any stage. You may just know that you need a table to fit an unusual space, have photos and ideas but not much else, sketches and detailed notes in your Houzz ideabook, or a fully drawn up plan with materials figured out and everything. We are happy to jump in at any stage and offer as much guidance as you may (or may not) need.
Absolutely, we work with interior designers all the time. We are accustomed to working directly with them, or as a collaborative effort between you, them and us. We can coordinate with other vendors such as upholsterers, lighting, contractors, etc.
You can email them to us at info@heatherandfredstudios.com. If this is for a CNC project and you already have cut files, .dxf format is best. We can also schedule an appointment for you to come by the shop to discuss in person, or we can come to your house to see the space and get an idea of what your décor looks like.
Yes, we also do installation work. See our portfolio for examples of larger built-in pieces.
A smaller piece, like a coffee table, usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks from receipt of deposit and final design decisions. Something larger, like an entertainment center, might take 8-10 weeks. Each project is different, so it will depend on many factors, especially if there are other vendors involved in the project (powdercoating, custom metal work, upholstery, special order material, custom painting, etc). We will include estimated lead time in your free quote.
This depends on the project and we will discuss with you to determine what will best suit your needs. Locally, we usually have movers deliver our pieces blanket wrapped. If it is a small piece, you are welcome to pick up from our shop if you want to save money on shipping. Interior designers frequently have preferred movers and like to set up their own pickup schedule. If we are shipping out of state we will package and crate as necessary and work out shipping options with you.
We prefer payment by cash or check but can accept credit cards. We usually require a 65% deposit with the remainder due upon completion/delivery. This may vary depending on the project, anywhere from 50/50 to 80% deposit in the case of very high material costs. We will specify this in your free quote.
Yes, we do ship out of state. We will package and crate your piece(s) as necessary and work out shipping options with you.
Yes, our projects range in size from smaller pieces like a custom wedding box, side tables, and coffee tables, to larger items like 12’dining tables, 14’ bedroom headboard and bed sets, 20’ sofa table wraps, large built-in entertainment centers, and even large furniture packages involving many pieces of furniture.
Since almost everything we build is custom, there is no set answer to this question. It depends a lot on design and materials. We are happy to discuss the project with you in depth and give you a free quote. We are also good at offering different options depending on your budget, or “value-engineering”. There are usually several different options when it comes to material, and sometimes a slight design change will result in a much better material yield and/or less labor. We’ll walk you through all of this…we don’t expect you to know about these options ahead of time!
We work with many types of materials, and frequently like to combine them in our furniture projects. We primarily work with wood – solid wood, sheet goods like plywood, and wood veneers. We have a lot of experience with acrylic and different types of plastics. We have metalworking capabilities, and even occasionally work with glass and ceramic. We are always open to learning about new materials and processes, and are not afraid to have a piece custom cast out of aluminum by a local foundry! We love it when our customers are excited and involved in a process, and it is common for them to come to our shop to choose from samples, pick from materials online, and even come with us to pick through wood for the project.
We have always been very conscientious and eco-minded when it comes to materials and processes. We recycle and reuse everything we can at the shop, we use our CNC to cut most materials out to ensure highest material yield (and lowest waste), we source our materials from environmentally responsible vendors whenever possible, and we usually use water based stains and finishes. This means that there will be no smell or off-gassing. There may be a few situations where this will change…if you choose to have a piece custom painted or to include upholstery, for example, there may be some odor temporarily. If you have any concerns please let us know and we will keep this in mind as we offer solutions and ideas for your project.
Our CNC is the machine that cuts most of the parts out for our furniture. CNC stands for “computer numerical control”. Ours has a 5×10’ flat bed, with a moving gantry and head with a spinning router bit on the end of it. It can cut in 3 dimensions. It has a vacuum system that holds the material down to the bed as it is being cut. We design all details of each piece of furniture, then program every sheet of material for optimal yield on our CAD software. It allows us to cut out crazy shapes and precision parts. We also cut parts for other businesses out of materials such as plastics, sign materials, laminates and solid wood. Visit CNC Page →
Please visit “How to Work with us” for more details about the process. The first step is to always either pick up the phone and call (480) 897-7977 or email us at info@heatherandfredstudios.com!

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